Daniel Jester

Daniel Jester

Creative Force Chief Evangelist

Daniel Jester is an experienced creative production professional who has managed production teams, built and launched new studios, and produced large-scale projects. He’s worked in-house at brands like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Farfetch as well as commercial studios like CONVYR. Creative-minded, while able to effectively plan for and manage a complex project, he bridges the gap between spreadsheets and creative talent.

Course Audience

This course is for those who will serve as the administrators of their studio's Creative Force Editorial module. As an admin, you’ll be responsible for working with members of the Creative Force team to get the Editorial Module configured to the needs of your studio as well as integrating Creative Force into your creative operations. You will also have full permission in Creative Force to make changes, making you the primary contact point within your studio to update style guides, workflows, personnel information, locations, and any other aspects of your account.


As we are sure you know, producing editorial content is an entirely separate beast from shooting high-volume e-commerce content. The required shots, styling, and retouching requirements are more subjective. Often, the shooting is taking place on location rather than on a closed set. And all of this means there are a ton of moving parts to capture the perfect images.

If you’ve spent a lot of time producing editorial content, some of the following likely sound familiar:

  • Samples not making it to set or on location
  • The wrong samples being brought on set or on location
  • Lack of clarity or lack of alignment within teams about the art direction of the shoot
  • Lack of clarity around the shots required
  • Difficulty managing changing style guides and other documentation related to a shoot
  • A lack of flexibility around the post-production process

Editorial content production is already complex and none of the above is particularly helpful in making it any easier. So it was with these pain points in mind that we designed our editorial module.

As part of this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about the features that comprise our editorial module as well as experience them firsthand in your Creative Force account. As you move through this course, you will simultaneously build out your account and prepare for integrating with your editorial creative process.

First, you’ll learn concepts critical to understanding the editorial module, including:

  • Editorial Projects
  • Editorial Deliverables
  • Editorial Samples

Once you understand the foundational concepts that drive the module, we will jump into getting your account set up and some of the critical editorial functionality, including:

  • Understanding and creating editorial Project properties
  • Uploading Project
  • Creating new Projects
  • Viewing your created Projects
  • Finding a Project
  • Viewing your Project’s high-level information
  • View the status of your Project
  • View the data associated with the Project
  • Understanding and creating Deliverable properties
  • Create deliverables with a CSV
  • Navigate to your Project documents
  • Upload Project documents
  • Create Project products
  • Navigate to view your Project Products
  • Assign products to a Deliverable
  • View a deliverable’s Products
  • Unassign and remove Products
  • Add, view, remove, and assign Project Samples
  • Create a creative brief to share the vision for the shoot with your other team members
  • View your Project images
  • Upload additional images to your Project
  • Print a Project sheet
  • Assign Project images to Deliverables
  • Create a workflow for your images to pass through as part of the post-production and asset delivery part of the creative process
  • Make image selections on a Deliverable level

At the end of the course, you’ll have a Creative Force account that is ready to revolutionize how your studio operates. And on top of that, you’ll have a shiny new Creative Force for Admins certificate you can share on LinkedIn to let the world know you are a certified Creative Force Editorial Admin and a master of “Flow Production.”

About this course

  • $195.00
  • 49 lessons
  • 30 minutes of video
  • 60 minutes
  • Creative Force Editorial Admins Certification

Upon completing this course, you will receive a certificate of completion you can share on LinkedIn or anywhere else you feel like sharing your accomplishment!

Course Content

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Defining Editorial Projects

    3. Defining Editorial Deliverables

    4. Products in Editorial

    5. How They Relate

    6. Projects, Deliverables, and Products with Daniel Jester

    1. Configuring Asset Delivery for Editorial Content

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Finding Properties

    3. Property Definitions

    4. Required Property: Project Name

    5. Custom Properties Overview

    6. Filtering in the Project Tab

    7. Project Sheet

    8. Activity: Creating Custom Project Properties

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Navigate to Project Creation

    3. Creating a New Project

    4. Inside the Project

    5. Activity: Creating a Project

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Finding Properties

    3. Reserved Property Definitions

    4. Custom Properties

    5. Where Properties Appear

    6. Activity: Creating Your Custom Deliverable Properties

    1. Overview of Methods

    2. Preparing for Upload

    3. Activity: Uploading Deliverables to a Project